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At Kuvera, we deliver a diverse range of investment solutions tailored to your unique needs. Our services encompass alternative and flexible approaches, designed to strategically navigate the complexities of today's financial landscape.

Cau Giay Park in Ha Noi, Vietnam

VIETHA Exponential Fund I

With the outstanding performance in maintaining positive GDP pre, during and post COVID with a stable currency exchange rate to USD, Vietnam is definitely one of the overseen highly potential country of investment. On the other hand, the Thai (SET) market leads the regional peers in IPO with a growing number of PE deals initiating a raise in investment numbers as well as size. This fund aims to capitalize on SEA most promising venture capital prospects poised to gain exposure within the Vietnamese and Thai markets.


The fund's primary goal is to achieve sustained capital appreciation by employing meticulous bottom-up stock selection and prudent risk oversight.


The fund details:  

  • Targeting mainly Series A an above companies that has stable/ strong historical and projected revenue streams.       

  • The fund is industry agnostic however prioritizes on ventures with strong ESG focus.

  • Partnering with top performing local institution to facilitate seamless synergies.


KUVREALPLUS I investment vehicle focuses on asset-light, cashflow-generating real estate-based assets. The fund centres on leasing in-place, cash-generating boutique hotels and transforming these properties into state-of-the-art, tech-enabled accommodations with comprehensive facilities catering to both local residents and foreign tourists. With an emphasis on delivering exceptional guest experiences and capitalizing on the burgeoning hospitality and real estate markets, KUVREALPLUS I presents an exciting opportunity for investors seeking sustainable and profitable ventures in the dynamic Thai market.

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Alpha 69 

Alpha 69 is an equity biased liquid strategy that leverages event-driven, growth and value investing and opportunistic strategies across diverse markets. The fund maximizes returns by actively managing positions, with a mandate to hold assets over long- and short-term horizon reaping gains until optimization is achieved. It exclusively invests in securities covered by its internal research team and vetted by highly seasoned investment committee. The fund's diversified geographical exposure results in a medium-high level of risk, making it suitable for investors seeking exposure to global equities.

Merger & Acquisitions

Kuvera is the destination where businesses discover expert guidance and precision to navigate the intricate world of mergers and acquisitions. Each project is a distinctive journey marked by unique objectives, challenges, and characteristics, all dedicated to achieving one common goal: client success.

Kuvera harmonizes industry expertise, financial acumen, and a profound understanding of M&A intricacies to consistently deliver exceptional results. Whether your aim is market expansion, operational enhancement, or pioneering ventures, our unwavering dedication to your triumph ensures excellence throughout your M&A expedition. At Kuvera, we cultivate success through precision, converting your objectives into tangible achievements. Our proven track record stands as a reflection of our steadfast commitment, and we are primed to guide you towards your strategic objectives, ensuring a journey distinguished by excellence and accomplishment.

Notable Success Stories:

  • Seamless Industry Giant Mergers: Our track record includes seamlessly merging logistics industry giants, optimizing operations, and strengthening market positions, resulting in significant achievements and fortified market presence.

  • Strategic IT Company Acquisitions: We strategically acquired IT companies, elevating their technological capabilities and extending their market reach, contributing to substantial growth and success.

  • Facilitating Synergistic Mergers: Currently, we are actively engaged in facilitating mergers between promising logistics and medtech enterprises, unlocking synergies and fostering growth through meticulously planned M&A activities.

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